Sunday, August 28, 2011


Today's Buffalo News features a story about Roy-Hart and Barker combining forces on the gridiron:

In recent years, football players at Royalton-Hartland and Barker schools never had a problem getting playing time.

With only 20 or so players on the roster, most played offense, defense and special teams, barely stepping off the field during practice and games.

But this season, football players are welcoming the idea of a little less playing time, since it means the team’s roster will be twice as big as before as the two high schools combine their varsity and modified programs to overcome declining enrollment and financial struggles in both programs.

“I think it’s great,” said Barker senior Josh Haight during the team’s second week of practice. “Last year, our practices were kind of limited because we really didn’t have enough people to run 11-on-11 all the time. This year we can do a lot more stuff.”

The decision to combine both programs, which last year had a combined record of 3-11, was an easy one, said Barker Superintendent Roger Klatt.

“I think we saw the promise that a combined team would have for each respective school. It was really a team effort on the leadership of the districts and the Board of Education was very supportive.”

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