Monday, March 21, 2011


Saturday's Buffalo News reported the following in regard to the recent shooting in Royalton...

The 15-year-old Royalton boy who shot his twin brother in the hip Feb. 21 expressed regrets Friday.

“I’m extremely sorry for what happened,” the boy told Niagara County Family Court Judge John F. Batt. “It’s not like I intended for this to happen to my twin brother.”

The boy made the remarks while being arraigned before Batt on a charge of second-degree assault. His twin brother was struck by a blast of birdshot from a 12-gauge shotgun at close range in their Riddle Road home, the Niagara County Sheriff’s Office said at the time.

Defense attorney Sunil Bakshi said the Niagara County District Attorney’s Office has dropped the idea of prosecuting the 15-year-old as an adult and transferred the case to Family Court.

According to the report, it didn't seem to be malicious intent, just an "accident". The boy get along fine according to the paper...

the boys’ father, who told Batt, “They don’t have any issues at home. They haven’t had a fist fight in two years. This was an isolated incident.”

The boys have been living together at home since the victim’s release from the hospital. The shooter is attending school, but the victim is not, as he continues to recuperate.

Even then, it comes with limitations...

Batt allowed the boy to remain at home. He is under pretrial supervision by a probation officer, and the father agreed to have the school bus drop the shooter off at his business, an auto repair shop, so the boys won’t be alone together.

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