Saturday, July 10, 2010


One of the most telling things about how outdated the cold storage plant was can be found in the opening paragraph of the story in today's Tonawanda News: Despite the size of the place and the brutal flames, look at what the damage was tallied at:

Niagara County sheriff’s fire investigators said Friday that $550 worth of damage was done Thursday after flames engulfed the Cold Storage Building around 7:34 p.m. This marks the second major structure fire in Gasport in the past two months.

Deputies said upon their arrival, two large warehouse-type stone and brick structures at 8101 and 8105 State St. were fully engulfed in flames.

The article also said that the investigation into its cause is ongoing:

Sheriff’s Capt. Bruce Elliott said the Crime Scene Identification Unit was sent to the scene Friday to determine a probable cause.

“They’re not sure if it was an accident or arson,” Elliott said.

Deputies said they spoke with two male witnesses who were playing basketball nearby who said they did not see anyone in the area near the buildings on State Street.

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