Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Steve Wallace reported about the Gasport fire for 1st Responder Broadcast Network...

The Niagara County Sheriff's department Dispatch put the call out, a report of a brush fire near a warehouse, by the Gasport railroad tracks. Gasport Volunteer Fire hall is located minutes from this location. The railroad tracks are also only a few blocks from the Erie Canal. Dispatch, within a minute called Gasports Fire Chief and advised him that they received a call that the building may have propane inside. Gasport Chief was pulling up, and he had a situation, a fully involved structure fire by the railroad tracks and homes and it was moving fast. Waisting no time the Chief had mutual Aid Companies heading his way with others standing by at their respective fire halls in case he needed them, and he would. The Structure was already half involved, and fire storm was whipping up toward the middle of the building feeding its way toward the front of the building. It was clear drafting from the canal was going to be needed and plenty of manpower was also needed. The Chief wanted to protect the homes and other businesses on Main Street Gasport. The Fire Chief from Gasport contacted fire control to Notify the RailRoad that all train traffic has to be halted. Mutual Aid from Terry's Corners, South Lockport, Wolcotsville, Wrights Corners, Hartland, Middleport, with many more on stand by. The Fire was possible feed by Acetylene tanks and propane and the the fire worked its way to the front of the building. The heat from the fire brought down power lines and also possibly damaged the near by railroad tracks. The Volunteers with their endless experience and many various pieces of fire equipment held the fire from running rapid through the Gasport residents. Niagara County Sheriff Investigators responded to the scene along with, expert CSI Deputy Joseph Shanley, and Sheriff James Voutour. At this time no dollar amount has been established on the damage and no one that has been reported was hurt at the scene.