Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Today's Lockport Union Sun and Journal features a story about the lawsuit being levied against the town and Niagara Metals.

Among those quoted in the article is deputy supervisor Jennifer Bieber who notes the following:

“(Niagara Metals will) have an oil-separator for any contaminated water. Right now the whole area is stone and they will be putting in a concrete pad,” she said. “They won’t be taking any junk cars, they will be taking metal and transferring it to Niagara Falls.”

Bieber noted that two years ago, a group of people worked on a master plan for 18 months, and there were several public hearings. Information was posted on the Web site, and people on the committee were available to take comments.

“No one in the lawsuit ever came to any of those meetings,” she said. “The area has been zoned industrial as long I can imagine. We made a conscientious effort to keep that zoned industrial. There used to be a stone quarry there, with blasting and trucks. That (Route 31) is a truck route.”

The master plan committee looked at zoning and where it wanted business to come, according to Bieber. “Route 31 is our corridor. It was zoned industrial and is still zoned industrial. That’s a place where that type of business fits in our town.”

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