Monday, March 22, 2010


This past weekend the Lockport Union Sun and Journal ran a story about the hard choices local schools must make in the face of NY's final crisis. Here's some of what was said about our district...

Roy-Hart saw a 20 percent cut in state aid, about $1.5 million. The reason for that was when the state was determining how much aid a district gets, the it did not see Roy-Hart as a “high need” district, as it was last year. Instead, Roy-Hart was moved up from a high need to a average need district, hence the cut in aid. And that wasn’t because Roy-Hart suddenly became wealthier, it's because other districts dropped.

MacDonald said currently the budget stands with a 5.58 percent decrease in spending compared to the current school year budget of $23.4 million. Roy-Hart is also using $338,000 in reserve funds.

The district cut more than $1.6 million, with cuts ranging from the equivalent of five full-time positions. A number of positions were reduced to meet that figure. Other cuts include eliminating dormant clubs.

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