Friday, March 26, 2010


Yesterday I received an email from a reader who was wondering if I might be able to bring back the commenting tool for this website. The individual - like me - really enjoyed the lengthy discussions about the school district and local government that used to occur on this website.

As much as I'd love to, I cannot. The anonymity of the commenting tool caused many people to get reckless in the comments, attacking others or offering false information. I could add a moderation function to the site, allowing me to edit and delete comments, but it's a time -consuming task, something that doesn't interest me despite the importance of many of the comments.

Similar issues with anonymity have taken away message boards from the websites of some local newspapers and TV stations.

BUT...I can still make that reader, myself and others who liked the discussions happy...

Anonymity is NOT an issue on Facebook. People can communicate only by having a profile on that website. This may turn-off some folks since many people have a backbone only when possessing anonymity, but others will willingly participate, especially if they really care about Gasport and Roy-Hart.

We can have discussions on the Gasport page at Facebook. To access the page, scroll down to the very bottom of the homepage and click on the Facebook box. When you arrive at the Facebook page click on the "discussions" box at the top of the page and start a conversation.

I look forward to some discussions!