Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Today's Lockport Union Sun and Journal looks at some Gasport residents who don't care for Niagara Metals coming to town...

The Coalition for Clean Environment & Preservation of the Royalton Watershed hopes to block the Niagara Falls-based company from putting the scrapyard at the site of the closed LaFarge plant, 8720 Rochester Road. The group has spoken to a lawyer about its concerns.

“In actual reality, it is simply a junkyard,” according to the coalition that is concerned the introduction of contaminants at the watershed of Eighteenmile Creek will spill into neighborhood creeks and eventually Lake Ontario. “The town board has completely disregarded these environmental histories of our community.”

The article notes who are members of the Coalition...

LaFarge butts against the 10-acre property of Norman Wolcott on Telegraph Road. Glenn Whitmore, who lives on rental property on Mirror Lake, and Wolcott are the spokesmen for the coalition.

“My property is across railroad tracks, west of LaFarge,” said Wolcott, a Harrison retiree, who has lived on Telegraph Road since 1977. LaFarge was operating at the time he moved in.

“I could hear them and see them, once in awhile,” Wolcott said of LaFarge. “They weren’t dealing with pollutants.”

Among the dissenters are the owners of the villages's greatest attraction of the mid-1900s...

Tony Bermudez, who owns Mirror Lake with his wife, Barbara, attended the town board meeting and the zoning board meeting where the application was approved. Mirror Lake was once a popular summer spot for tennis, swimming, boating and picnics.

The coalition met Feb. 10 with a lawyer. “We feel that it is not going to benefit homeowners to have a scrapyard, junkyard place in the area,” Bermudez said. “We are concerned there will be a lot more traffic on Route 31 near the school bus garage. There will be eventual water run-off and contaminants along the railroad tracks. It will overflow into tributaries of Eighteenmile Creek.”

The article is lengthy and informative and it addresses what will happen at the site as well as the town board's appreciation for Niagara Metals.

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