Friday, January 15, 2010


At last night's school board meeting the board shared correspondence from the NYS DOT that said the state will not permit expanding the school zone on Route 31 or dropping it from 45 mph to 35 mph.

According to Lockport Union Sun and Journal reports the department said that according to traffic law, the maximum length of a school zone is not to exceed 1,320 feet. The current zone was based on that limitation and cannot be extended further, the letter said.

The letter said it was the state transportation department’s policy that a school speed limit should be about 10 miles per hour less than the speed limit on the rest of the highway. Studies have shown that school speed limits that are substantially lower than the prevailing speeds receive very little compliance, the letter said. However an increase in speed enforcement might have the biggest impact on safety, according to the letter.

Read the entire US&J article online, which features board and public commentary about the school zone and an analysis of an FMC situation: