Friday, June 26, 2009


As you're enjoying the Independence Day festivities next week I want you to remember that Gasport is not one of those big cities where the government runs the firework display and coordinates the rest of the day's events. Royalton's 4th of July Celebration is an entirely voluntary event, overseen by a dedicated committee of residents who make sure that our community can celebrate America's birthday in style.

The committee consists of...

Jeffrey Brown
Deb Genet
Beth Tiefel
Pam Schmitt
Tom Brigham
Ericka Brigham
Mike Drum
Jay Watts
Paul Schmitt
Matt Courser
Kristen Courser
Chuck O'Brien
Shelly O'Brien

There are also countless others who have volunteered their time and equipment...and many people and business who have donated much-needed funds to the cause.

Make it a point to thank them. They are the kind of people who make Gasport such a special place!