Saturday, January 24, 2009


A few months ago FEMA introduced a new series of maps indicating what they believe to be the flood zones in New York. These designations will affect homeowners and business owners whose homes and buildings are found in the zones by increasing their insurance rates.

Are you one of the folks who now finds their home in a flood zone?

To find out if you are, go to the Niagara County page on FEMA's website to explore the interactive maps:

The usual culprits are shown on the map (waters like Red Creek and Johnsons Creek), but there are some new additions like their feeder streams, an extensive area between Orangeport and Hartland Roads, Red Creek as it runs through the hamlet of Gasport and more!

If you are in an affected area I strongly suggest you attend a (lengthy) public meeting on Monday, February 2nd from 4:00 to 8:00 at the Public Training Facility, 5574 Niagara Street Ext., Lockport.

The DEC and FEMA will be there to talk about the maps, the national flood insurance program, building standards, and insurance ratings and premiums.