Sunday, June 1, 2008


For those of you new to the site, we have available for download the Gasport Strategic Plan prepared by Camoin and Associates with help from countless people in the community. This plan, adopted by the town of Royalton at December's board meeting, sets the tone for Gasport's future, laying out where we should be and some thoughts on how to get there.

The documents are available for downloading (in PDF format)here: (23 pages)

and (26 pages)

Now, here's the thing. The ideas are great but unless we all get together and do something collectively it will be just another document. Nothing more nothing less. It's supposed to be a road map for success, a guide to a better tomorrow for the community. Some of the concepts are being worked on. Many are not and we need people to spearhead them.

I was thinking today that we've got some great groups and community organizations that we need to bring together periodically to advance this initiative. I was pondering a Gasport Stakeholders Committee of sorts that could facilitate this and act upon the strategic plan. If people are game for it, I'd like to start such a thing this Fall and Winter with monthly meetings. It gives us all something to do when the days are shorter and there's not much to do.

Best case scenario, the committee would be open to everyone (making it more than a committee per se) with representation of the following:

* The town of Royalton
* The town of Hartland
* Niagara County Legislature
* The Canal Authority
* Local churches
* The Lions Club
* The Gasport Beautification Committee
* The Fourth of July organizers
* The school district
* The Boy Scouts
* Our EMS/fire services
* Local businesses
* Most importantly: Average Joes and Janes...the lifeblood of Gasport

Who's in this with me?