Tuesday, April 29, 2008


The PRIMARY for the assembly race in Royalton's district is getting even busier. Yet another person has thrown their hat in the ring as the US&J reports...

ASSEMBLY 142ND: Corwin launches candidacy

A fourth Republican launched her candidacy for state Assembly, 142nd District, on Monday. Jane Lewis Corwin of Clarence, an associate of Erie County Executive Christopher Collins, kicked off her bid with announcements in Clarence and downtown Lockport. She’s campaigning on the theme that reform of state government, to make it more business-like, will create the economic turnaround that allows young grads to land good jobs without leaving the state.

“I stand here as a full-time mother of three, a community volunteer and a former businesswoman, not a career politician, who is tired of the status quo,” she said. “I share the disappointment of my neighbors that, in Albany, divisive partisan politics and special interests now trump public good. I am concerned about a dysfunctional state government that has continuously resisted reform and failed to create economic opportunity for our residents.”

Corwin, formerly a Wall Street investment banker and Talking Phone Book executive, is making her first run for political office. She already has the endorsement of the Erie County GOP executive committee.

The Niagara County committee’s endorsement should be forthcoming next month, according to Chairman Henry Wojtaszek. “She’s the best candidate, the best hope for the future of the area,” he said. “She understands business and what it’s like to raise children in the area.” Wojtaszek said he informed incumbent Assembly member Michael Cole, R-Alden, by phone earlier Monday of his decision to back Corwin.

Cole, who has tried to shake the stigma of scandal since he confessed to fraternizing with an intern last year, vowed the loss of his major party backing won’t stop him from pursuing re-election. He’ll bid for the GOP, Independence and Conservative lines, all by primary if necessary, he said.“Whether or not I’m the endorsed candidate, I expect to win,” Cole said. “The party’s going to do what it’s going to do and I will make the case that I’m the best candidate. ... Let the people decide.”

Corwin is the latest in a queue of Republicans to pursue Cole’s seat. Previously announced candidates are Jeff Bono of Newstead and Leonard Roberto of Alden. Elma Supervisor Michael Nolan launched his own bid last month and dropped out last week. No Democratic challenger has surfaced yet in the two-county district. Corwin appears to be modeling the Collins-for-county-executive campaign, for which she served as an assistant treasurer. Her kickoff speech references Collins’ “standing up for taxpayers and taking a businesslike approach to government” and promises that’s her approach to pursuing elected office as well.

State government should dedicate itself to reining in spending and cutting taxes, ending unfunded mandates and creating an attractive business environment, Corwin said. “We need to change the conversation in Albany and move to a more business-like approach,” she said. “We need to move the conversation to economics and away from special interests.”

Corwin, whose family owned Talking Phone Book until 2004, is independently wealthy. She acknowledged Monday that she’s had discussions with party officials about how much money she can contribute to her own campaign but declined to name any numbers.“I prefer not to put an amount to it, only because I don’t want it to be a race for money. It’s about ideas,” she said.

Corwin and her husband, Philip, have three children. She is the president and founder of the Philip M. and Jane Lewis Corwin Foundation, which supports educational, medical and religious charities aiding children; president of the Josephine Goodyear committee at Women and Children’s Hospital of Buffalo; a member of the grant review committee for Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo; and is a confirmation leader at Zion Lutheran Church in Clarence Center.

Source: http://www.lockportjournal.com/local/local_story_120014545.html