Sunday, January 6, 2008


The Gasport area will see four road projects this year and next. Here are some snippets from a Buffalo News article about them...

Niagara County’s schedule of road and bridge reconstruction projects for 2008 is sparse, but many projects are on the drawing board for 2009.

This year’s projects include repaving Orangeport Road in Royalton between Route 31 and Slayton Settlement Road, and reconstruction of the Pearson Road Bridge over Jeddo Creek in Hartland, according to Richard W. Eakin, deputy public works commissioner for engineering. The Orangeport Road project is estimated to cost $850,000 and the Pearson Road job, which involves replacing a 33-foot wooden bridge, is tabbed for $604,000. Neither project has been bid yet.

Eakin said the county made no conscious decision to have a limited program this year; it’s just how the design timetables worked out.

However, more projects are to be designed this year, for construction in 2009: new bridges to replace wooden ones on Drum and Seaman roads in Hartland, a combined project estimated to cost $1.9 million.