Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Below is a news release from Congressman Tom Reynolds office from October of 2005. Does anyone know when this work will occur? I have heard nothing about it.

Today, Congressman Thomas Reynolds (R-Clarence) announced $680,000 in funding for the reconstruction of Orangeport Road. The road was used as a detour during the rehabilitation of the Gasport Lift Bridge.

"Orangeport Road will be entirely reconstructed from Slayton Settlement Road to Route 31," Reynolds said. "With widened lanes, stabilized shoulders for pedestrians and bicyclists, and better drainage, the overall condition of Orangeport Road will be much improved."

The construction will also help create jobs for the local economy as well as improve resident's access between Route 31 and Slayton Settlement Road.

"I am glad that I can help residents more easily travel to their jobs and get their weekend errands done," added Congressman Reynolds. "Also of importance is that this funding will help create jobs for the local community."